Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The power of Vasanas

In one of Amma's Tuesday Satsangs...

Some of the little stories and anecdotes that Amma narrates during her satsangs will be repeated by her several times on different occassions. (Most spiritual masters do it that way, to drive home the purport of their teachings and  convey them to different set of audience; Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to repeat many of his little stories).

Vasanas (literally meaning smells -- our behavioral tendencies, leanings and tastes borne out of habits, that get accumulated in us across several births) are strong indeed.  A spiritual seeker has got to get rid of his bad vasanas and only then he can make a progress. It is said that man has evolved from monkeys and in a way it is true that we still have the vasanas of monkeys.

Amma used to narrate this anecdote to the amusement of her audience.

Rama, Krishna and Govinda are walking together. An acquaintance following them from behind,calls out "Rama!" and Rama turns back to see who was calling. If he calls out "Krishna!", Krishna will turn back to see who is calling. Same is applicable to Govinda too.

But if the caller shouts "Hey, monkey!", all the three will turn back!

That's the power of vasana!

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