Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amma is back in the Ashram after tours abroad!

1st December 2012

There is a palpable feeling of enthusiasm, vigor and joy in the Ashram as Amma arrived this evening after her tour to Europe, USA and China.

A surprise addition to Amma's schedules this time was Amma's visit to China. Amma was a special invitee to the United Nations Alliance of Civilization in the program of Regional consultations for Asia Pacific conducted at Shangai, China.

As is the norm, many house-holder devotees, who visit their near and dear and take care of their former houses and homes during Amma's absence in the Ashram, started streaming back to Ashram in the last couple of days. Several monks and senior brahmacharis who manage institutions outside Amritapuri are also seen around, to be with Amma for a while on her return.

That holy touch and the wait is worth!
Amma was expected to be back at Ashram only after 7:00 PM, but Ashramites, particularly ladies and brahmacharninies started standing at the sides of the path right from the entrance from as early as 5 PM so as to grab a glimpse of Amma and possibly receive her touch of hand as she comes in the car.

By 6 PM, practically all the ashramites were seen lining the sides of the path, eagerly awaiting Amma's arrival.

Lalitha Shahsranama Sthotram and evening bhajans started promptly at 6:15 at the main hall (gents side) and also at Kali temple (ladies side) but the attendance was rather thin inside the main hall. Generally, during Amma's absence these days,  lady ('Ammamar')devotees are  found to be  present  more and more in numbers in the main hall  for the bhajans (for obvious reasons: the quality of singing and music at the gents side is far superior to what is heard at the ladies side!). But, all the ladies were practically absent at the hall today -- all of them perhaps have already secured their vantage positions to take a glimpse of Amma on her arrival!

Amma arrived by about 7:35 PM. As usual, she was sitting at the backside, left hand side of the car. The car moved very slowly and Amma extended her hand to touch her beloved children who were greeting her with broad smile and joy.

Ashram started breathing a fresh, spiritually surcharged air once again. The agonizing wait of separation is over for many emotionally sensitive devotees. There is palpable enthusiasm and joy everywhere.

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