Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amma's Chritmas Eve Message

24thDecember 2012 - Monday

In the evening Satsang at the beach on the Christmas eve, Amma posed this question to her western children who had gathered in large numbers to celebrate Christmas with Amma : "What is the real message behind Chrismas Celebrations?"

Before seeking answers, Amma elaborated some of her own view points as briefed below:

"Christmas day is a day of joy and we share our love with our near and dear. We send Christmas greeting cards to our beloved ones. Sending greetings to those we love is normal and easy. Amma would say that we must send Christmas Greeting Cards to even those whom we hate. Jesus Christ was full of forgiveness towards those who slammed him on to the cross. He said 'My lord, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing'. Christ's crucifixion really signifies going beyond body consciousness and awakening in divine consciousness.

By forgiving those whom we hate and by sending a greeting like this, we are indeed healing our own inner wounds. So, Christmas day could indeed be the day of loving, forgiving and also seeking forgiveness from those whom we hated. Amma feels this is the purpose of celebrating Christmas.

When we nurture anger and hatred inside us, we really die every day. Hatred pollutes our inner self and creates negative vibes in us. By getting rid of hatred, we actually take a rebirth.

The source of anger and hatred is actually our egotism. The "I" inside us is the culprit. If you strike out the "I" (with a horizontal line), what you get is the picture of cross. Jesus' crucifixion and the symbol of cross should remind us to lose our limited bodily consciousness associated with our ego and to awaken at divine consciousness.

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