Friday, December 28, 2012

Jesus Christ and Amma - a western devotee's view

24th December 2912 -- Monday

In today's evening Satsang at beach, Amma's question was "What is the real message behind Christmas Celebrations?"

A western devotee spoke very eloquently comparing Jesus Christ and Amma, which was well appreciated by the audience. The gist of the Westerm lady's speach is as below:

Firstly, Jesus Christ was an incarnation of God, like Amma. He was whole, he was purest. Only when God comes with a human body, we can grasp God. That is the purpose of Avatar.

Jesus Christ advised : "Love God first and then love other Gods". By 'other Gods'  he meant our worldly desires. Amma too emphasizes love of God above any worldly pursuits.

Jesus Christ loved everybody, irrespective of caste, color and creed. He did not differentiate between the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, man and woman, the saint or a sinner. In the same way, Amma accepts every one and showers her love equally on all."

Jesus said 'love your neighbor as you love yourself'."The significance of celebrating Christmas is to emphasise cordial relationship with every one around us. It can be achieved best by taking from the world what is our rightful share and then giving back to the world whatever best we could, for the good and well-being of all. This simple give and take can be best understood by observing how our own internal organs function for the well being of our body.

The heart does not say, "I will take blood only for myself and shall not pump it around the body. The kidney does not say, 'Why should I keep on cleaning the blood that gets dirtied for no fault of me'. The lungs don't say 'I will just breathe for my sake only; I will not do it for the sake of other organs'. All these organs need blood circulation for their survival and they take it from the body. And they give back what they could do best by doing their respective functions for the well being of the body.

In the same way, we should strive to live in this world and help the society for its well being.

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