Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The overwhelming compassion over the erring person – that’s Amma’s way!

27th February 2013 Tuesday

Yet another day to get enthralled by Amma’s way! A day of learning what true spirituality is; what it means to be compassionate; how one should accept things in an Ashram if one wants spiritual progress.

Amma came for Tuesday Satsang at the main hall at about 11:20 and the usual meditation session began It was Swami Amritaswarupanandapuri  who gave the guiding instructions for meditation today.  He was also the translator of Amma’s words to English.

In the Q-A session that followed, the very first slip of paper that Amma read was really a complaint letter.  Several Brahmacharinis had signed that letter and it was about the misbehavior of one young western devotee (woman) who is an in-mate of the Ashram. 

This western woman, whose seva responsibility is cleaning and up-keeping of the Kali temple, wanted a place to sit very close to Amma for the Tuesday Satsang. When Amma’s venue got changed to main hall instead of Kali temple today, this woman, along with several other brahmacharinis rushed to reserve their vantage spots with their mats. This western woman could not tolerate other Brahmacharinis reserving the closest spot; she reportedly  got very angry, kicked one of them at the waist, threw away their meditation mats, caught hold of the neck of a girl and threatened to kill her! She was also shouting very abusive language at them.  Several westerners who were new to this place reportedly got a shock of seeing such an unruly behavior in this holy ashram.

The letter stated that this woman has been center of such undisciplined behavior frequently and many inmates are simply afraid of her.  It ended up requesting Amma to give guidance to the woman as well as to the others to tide over such situations.

Amma’s first reaction was that inmates should be careful enough in their behavior and nothing should be done to create a bad impression about the Ashram. People expect this place to be an abode of peace and spirituality and any such incidences will be really shocking and confusing to them.
That said, then Amma, the compassionate mother took over!

“You see, this woman has had a highly unpleasant, torturous and painful life right from her childhood; she is mentally troubled. Because of the negativities she has experienced in her life, she tends to get violent at times. It is only natural that she wants to get closer to Amma and is eager to receive and experience Amma’s love and compassion. 

“You all have to be patient with her; be forbearing with her. If she wants a seat closer to Amma, why don’t you simply allow her and  just give her the space? 

“You have all come to Amma with a lofty goal. We should all evolve ourselves to see God in every one.”
Amma’s justice was thus delivered. No inquiry, no cross examination, no pronouncement of the guilty, no declaration of punishment!

Amma then finally added something with a laugh “Children! Don’t you all start citing your past mental troubles and start behaving like this and justifying your behavior! Then this place will become a mental asylum!”

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